Heriz is in Azerbaijan, where they make the largest carpets in all Persia. Heriz is the best known of the three dozen villages in the district. Its carpets are far superior to the others in quality. The silk carpets woven until World War I surpass everything. It is difficult to find the equal of these smooth, thin silken carpets which were woven in sizes of up to 29 square yards! They appear only occasionally when a collector dies, and his estate goes under the hammer. The big woolen carpets from this period are also rarities. They appear occasionally in the trade, although they attract very high prices.

The new Heriz is made of coarser yarn, so that the number of knots is fairly low. This is of little importance as regards wear. In highly exposed places such as hotel vestibules, they have proved highly resistant to wear, demonstrating the excellence of the material and skill of the weavers. Particularly fine carpets are called in the bazaars Peshm-i-Meshed (=the wool is from Meshed).

The patterns used are few, the most popular and characteristic being the medallion pattern with acanthus leaves and palmettes in the field, and attractive corner pieces. Formats are limited downwards, but upwards there seems almost no limit : 26ft * 19ft 6in and even larger sizes are not at all uncommon. The colors are discreet. The red color is very deep. Blue occurs in several shades, from indigo to a very attractive bright blue. The corners or central fields are usually of ivory beige.

Warp and weft of cotton. Turkish knots.      3

The quality grading’s are as follow:

No. of knots per inch

length     breadth   No. of knots per sq in

A            10              8                     80

B             9               6                     54