Nain is a small town near Isfahan, which manufactures exclusive carpets on an extremely small scale. Every carpet from Nain is among the most closely woven creations ever made by human hand. Extremely fine fabrics used to be made in the town, and the yarn-spinners became masters in producing the thinnest of yarn from the fine, very soft wool. No wonder that the number of knots on a Nain carpet starts at c.400 per square inch!

Nain carpets are intended for persons with an eye to quality and a well-filled wallet – and such people abound in the Orient. Even if such carpets cost a lot, the price is never in fair proportions to the long, scrupulous work devoted to them. The many millions of knots contained in a single carpet also explain why so few products from the town are available.

In spite of their te

chnical perfections, these carpets are somewhat uninteresting. Production dates back only a few decades, and the weavers have no old patterns or traditions to fall back on. Apart from a consistently light ground, the carpets lack any specific characteristics. Both the medallion patterns and those consisting of ornamentation over the entire surface are related to those found on the Isfahans. However, their perfection of execution seems to prevent them from acquiring a “personality” of their own. The dyes, like the wool, are of the finest conceivable quality. The warp and weft threads are of cotton. The pile is cut very short. Persian knots.                                                            3

The quality grading’s are as follows :

No. of knots per inch

Length    Breadth     No. of knots per sq in

A            23            21                483
B            20            19                 380
Occasional carpets are to be found with over 650 knots per